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Steve Marcus Claire Sinclair, Playboy's 2011 Playmate of the Year, performs in an October-themed sequence during a media preview of "Pin Up," a new show at the Stratosphere, Monday, Feb. Moreno was not formally invited to opening night of “Pin Up” and said he was informed in a mass email message Saturday night that there would be no seats held for him.This was about an hour before “Pin Up” was to take the stage (and an account of the quality of this show on opening night will have to wait a bit, but do stay tuned here for that).The attraction is to replace the closed Liberace Museum, which has been locked and dark since October 2010, and is likely be open by January if the plan is approved by the bankruptcy court reviewing a lawsuit filed against the Liberace Foundation by U. The Liberace Foundation filed for bankruptcy to fend off that suit, and its restructuring plan -- including the development of LEE -- must be approved by the courts before the new project can proceed.LEE will take over the space once occupied by Jillian’s on the first level.Meanwhile, enjoy the video of Joshi singing a song he wrote for his wife, Loraine Kusuhara.He busted out the acoustic guitar and started singing this song, which has no name but captivating lyrics, with no prompting. • A widening rift has formed between the two shows at Stratosphere: “Pin Up,” which opened Saturday, and the brimming-with-originals production starring Frankie Moreno.

The cars, a 1972 custom Bradley GT and a 1957 London taxi, are on loan to HBO for a project titled “Behind the Candelabra,” an official said. Better break out the long rake for this scene: • As Cee Lo Green opened his “Cee Lo Green Is Loberace” at Planet Hollywood this week, the formal name of the new Liberace Museum being planned for Neonopolis is being specified: It is to be called the Liberace Entertainment Experience, or LEE for short.As plans develop, the remaining unoccupied spaces will be leased by food vendors adopting a speed and racing theme.As always with Neonopolis, we’ll see whether what is built matches the renderings.Moreno was told his opening-night request for a table of eight was denied because the show was sold out, marking the rare instance in the world of entertainment when a person listed as a producer wasn't seated to opening night of the show he helped conceive and design.Choreographer Lacey Schwimmer was not in the audience on opening night, either.

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She cut loose on Twitter late Saturday night by saying: “Really wish I was invited to something I worked on.

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