Kabbalah dating

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Kabbalah dating

Looking forward to dinner, I was welcomed by Shouster. Everyone else was dressed in white; I was dressed in black.

He also said that, for the last nine years, he had only been given what he needed.

He struck me as an intelligent man who, but for his devotion to the Kabbalah Centre, would be holding down a worthwhile career in the outside world. Shouster was very careful to stress that he wasn't promising miracles, but he said there were tools that could help, including the water and the Zohar - the Kabbalah books in Aramaic and Hebrew. There are a few items that I'd like you to get right now in the bookstore, that I'd like you to have, if you want." Expecting money might raise its ugly head, I asked: "The water is not a gift?

They operated from a £3.65 million property off Bond Street in central London, and names such as Madonna and Britney Spears were mentioned as supporters.

The surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital had warned me after I went under the knife for bladder cancer that the third month after the operation would be the most frustrating.

I had got through the chemotherapy course and the good news was that I was still alive and kicking.

"You need to let go of what the doctors told you," he said. " "No, nothing is a gift, the water is not a gift, the Zohar is not a gift, as you know… A case of 12 boxes costs £45 and the Zohar is £289.

"Drinking the water while meditating on the places that we have a problem with - the bladder, you say? Also, you can put the water on your stomach as well." "How much water will I need? And the Shabbat meal is £26."Shouster explained the importance of the Zohar books. "She wants to understand how she works with her kids better," Shouster told me.

No matter that they were written in Aramaic and, to me, indecipherable, I was told that I only had to run my fingers over the pages and scan the words for the "tools" to start working. "She wants to understand how to control her mood better, how to be more happy.

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Their tools, however, weren't cheap - the bill was £860, including dinner that night. How to be more tolerant with her husband and to maintain the relationship." That evening, I was back at the centre, complete with hidden camera.