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The remainder upon division by 7 would represent the day of the week, with 0 being Monday and 6 being Sunday.The JD calendar makes it very easy to calculate the difference between any two dates.Julian day and Julian date have no relation to the Julian calendar apart from the name and the zero day.This free online calculator converts dates as easy as 1-2-3!Simply subtracting one date from another gives the number of days and fractions of a day passed between the two dates.JD calendar is easy to be converted into any other calendar due to its simplicity.The Julian date calendar calculates the number of days and fractions of days elapsed since Greenwich noon of January 1, 4713 BC. The exact date can be a single integer, while date and time in the Julian day calendar are represented by just one number.

Scaliger in 1583, so the name for this system derived from Julius Scaliger, not Julius Caesar. The Julian day system is widely used by astronomers and the military to provide a mathematically straightforward system of dates.It is also employed by historians to work with the many different calendars invented throughout human history. Permission is granted for unlimited copying and redistribution, provided that this copyright notice, and the following two links, are preserved.All calculations are embedded as Java Script, so an exact copy of this page's source code will generally work from any server (no CGI script needed).

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The first cycle was the 28 year period over which the Julian calendar repeats days of the week (the so-called solar number). "Julian Date." §2.26 in Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac.

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