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It disgusts me that so many people my age embrace this sort of crap!

Tja, irritant kan ik het niet echt noemen, maar leuk?

‘He was a devoted dad who spent hours with my brother Freddie and me. He knew everything about them and took such pride in them.

He was motor racing’s first poster boy – ruggedly handsome, golden-haired and as unconventional on the track as he was colourful off it.

At the peak of his fame in the 1970s, James Hunt’s death-defying antics on the racing circuit and party lifestyle won him rock-star status and legions of devoted fans.

EDIT: Don't like as much as I used to, and do not like the message. Het pianodeuntje werkt daarbij ook nog eens ontzettend aanstekelijk. Voor de liefhebbers ook terug te vinden op het album "Mac And Devin Go To The High School" van "Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa"!! ☺Bruno's vocals and the piano melody only just save this being 1 star!

Famous for his dishevelled, almost hippy style, he once boasted he had bedded more than 5,000 women. Motor racing aficionados loved Hunt’s laconic, understated approach to driving like a demon as well as his gripping rivalry with the great Niki Lauda.‘The footage and pictures give a very two-dimensional version of him.People concentrate on his wild antics and the glory days of his racing, and of course that was part of him, but there was another side of him that only his close friends and family saw, and that was a far more complex man.Not a big fan of some of the messages contained in the song, but it is an otherwise catchy tune. The sad thing is the youth think it is an anthem for them without realising what the bloody song is about.Could be a big feel-good hit leading into the summer. Bij het refreintje krijg ik een vaag samenhorigheidsgevoel, waarschijnlijk omdat het door het hele groepje artiesten wordt gezongen. Ik stel me zo voor dat de studio vol rook stond bij de opname. Vlotte plaat van het trio "Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars" uit éind november 2011. Terrible message cannot save the decent melody from being awarded the trash rating.

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The lyrics are some of the worst I've ever heard and send out a very negative message. Been smoking too much weed I guess : PI really don't think we need any more teenagers (or anyone for that matter) drinking until they get smashed, smoking weed, partying all the time and not caring about anything.