Is john cena dating anybody

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Fad names are, well, fads and names like John will be around as long as people are Christians. And one more: the infamous John Smith of colonial Jamestown.

I cannot believe that no one thought of John Henry Holliday (AKA Doc Holliday).

He usually leaves a tape player or a TV that comes on, explaining the situation they are in and how to escape.

I think Doc is lost behind the shadow of Wyatt Earp who is rather overrated.

Fictional murderer John Kramer (better known as Jigsaw) is the villian of the gory Saw movies, and its sequels, Saw II and Saw III.

When John, played by Tobin Bell, is diagnosed with cancer and receives the news of his death, he sees various people who he thinks are throwing away the live he'll never get to have.

He was indeed a brilliant man and a great dentist (so I am told).The best portrayal of this slight, sensitive man is in TOMBSTONE where he is played by Val Kilmer.Famous Bearers: Johnny Depp (actor)John Cusack (actor)John Travolta (actor)John Reznick (musician)John Mayer (musician)Jonathan Davis (musician)John Locke (poet)John Donne (poet)John Keats (poet)Long John Silver (pirate)JFK (politician)I think John is a very versatile name that allows someone to become who they want because there is no stereotypical "John." Another famous bearer: John Frusciante (pronounced froo-shan-tay), born March 5 1970, current and best guitarist for the LA funk rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers.Also, John Locke was a philosopher rather than a poet, and this name is also borne by one of the central characters on the hit TV show 'Lost'.I used the name John as a middle name for my son Adam.

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My husband and I had been thinking of it as a first name except for one day we heard someone use the term "going to the john" meaning going to the bathroom and we couldn't get that out of our head so we opted to use it as a middle name LOL.