Interracial dating in america uncovered full

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Interracial dating in america uncovered full

– In America in 2011, the idea of being “biracial’ has taken on a new meaning.

The city that may be the best example of this new racial identity is Lansing, which has the highest percentage of blacks who identify with different races.

“There is a youth movement around mixed race.” That youth movement is very evident in Lansing as it is not uncommon at all to see different combinations of couples in relationships.With MSU in nearby East Lansing this also adds to the diversity in the area.“Schools (in Lansing) taught kids that everybody was equal.Lansing is just so diverse.” “Part of this is liberal baby boomers marrying outside their race or having kids with people of other races and liberal baby boomers being very vested in raising happy children,” Kristen Renn, an education professor at Michigan State University told the Lansing State Journal.I knew a lot of people who were attracted to nothing but people from different races.” Lansing, Michigan’s capital city, is more of a cultural melting pot than most cities in the state.

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