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Interoffice dating rules

What people OUGHT to be able to sue for and what they actually DO try to sue for are two different things.Even a frivolous or meritless suit brought against an employer costs the employer big bucks in legal expenses.Presuming that is his motivation, I have to agree he's being pretty darn heavy-handed and clumsy on how he's going about things.

I'm not altogether sure I agree with loku entirely.

One of the reasons interoffice dating is often frowned upon is because of the potential for sexual harassment issues down the road.

I'm not saying this will happen - obviously I don't know you, your friend, or your relationship.

I do think the potential for a situation like this to get ugly at work is greatly heightened though for obvious reasons.

It's small comfort for the employer to say to himself "That ridicoulous suit was finally dismissed but it cost me ,000 in legal bills." Presuming your employer isn't just plan nosey, then he may be concerned about a possible SH exposure.

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cbg is right - more than one SH claim/suit has been brought by an employee who had an ugly break-up with a co-worker and now wants to get even by claiming harassment - and get some easy money from the employer to boot.