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They like the same things, respect the same things, and share the same beliefs.The only problem is that they are completely unaware of each other's existence.The second series started on 1 March 2008 and finished on .This series contained changes from the first, including a switch from six 60 minute episodes, to twelve of 30 minutes (i.e. Although the character of Gil was mentioned throughout the second series, and momentarily seen in the final episode (using a clip of Michael Landes from the previous series), he was not a main character.The second series (and a boxset containing both series) was released on .Alice Chenery (Tamsin Greig) and Gil Raymond (Michael Landes) are perfect for each other.

It stars Tamsin Greig as Alice Chenery (a role written especially for her) and Michael Landes as Gil Raymond (Series 1 only).

The theme tune to Love Soup is "Alley Boogie" by jazz singer Georgia White.

The first series was released on DVD in the UK on 3 December 2007.

The programme was initially a critical success although its audience figures were steady rather than spectacular, netting an average of five million viewers an episode.

Renwick and his former scriptwriting partner Andrew Marshall have cameo appearances in one episode as members of a television sitcom scriptwriting team.

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Alice is a modern woman with old-fashioned values, who lives in Brighton, and commutes to London, where she is the manageress of a perfume company concession in a department store. What is worse, her co-workers, Cleo Martin (Sheridan Smith) and Milly Russel (Montserrat Lombard), always seem to have more success with men, though their relationships never really last more than a week.

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  1. Katherine revealed that she once threatened to date John Mayer in order to scare Josh into commitment."Around the same time I met Josh, I also met John Mayer," Katherine said.