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How to write dating head lines

This line is very often found in people born with Down Syndrome while it is uncommon in healthy people.When the Simian line is found on a normal person’s palm it indicates emotional intensity meaning that the person has very strong emotions often overshadowing his/her better judgment.I believe that I have the end of a head line coming off from these crossed lines from the middle of my palm, dropping downwards toward the outer edge of my palm with a (x) in the middle of the line??Secondly, I am intrigued about attachment (lines of union) lines next to my life line. Or should I just be focusing on the lines of marriage on the percussion of my hand??The passive hand is only used for comparison by a professional palm reader.If you look at your right palm, look to the bottom left hand side (the closest to the wrist) and see if you have any lines shooting horizontally from the external side of the palm towards the center of the palm, then these lines indicates an important overseas trip. Instead I have several crossing lines that join in the middle of my hand where the head line should be.From past experience I was led to believe that these lines that run parallel to and follow the life line down the hand are lines of union. I have 4 marriage lines, 2 of which are in the middle and very close together…almost touching.

You also need to read the lines on your dominant hand (the hand you write with).

Going back to what I call the attachment lines following my life line, I have two lines very close together, they do not cross at any point, but they travel down my palm as if side by side. Would you mind shedding a bit of light on these lines??

my name is Lou and I am wondering what does it mean when a person has the head and heart line as one.

I am very worried about my marriage line and its very confusing.

They are not separate from each other, they run intwined together across the hand.

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Can you please explain this to me as i have never seen this before.

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