How to stop genuis updating

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How to stop genuis updating

Sign equipment used The drawing programs I use are Corel Draw and Signlab, alongside a vinyl cutting machine (Roland PNC 1000A) built for commercial use. Come on in and I’ll show you around my old crate staircase!I use this equipment in my vehicle lettering business, which aren’t priced for novice type users. 🙂 The stairs were designed to appear to have been made out of old signboards and wooden stamped crates.However, stencils anyone can make is all this takes. Some steps share one logo, looking as if a large sign was cut in half in order to create the steps.Stuck in recovery mode loop after restoring i OS 4.3.3 custom IPSW on your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS?No worries, as the Tiny Umbrella (Fix Recovery) for i OS 4.3 is still valid for those who are stuck in i OS 4.3.3 recovery mode loop.For those who don't know, Apple introduced a new security check in i OS 4.2.x and i OS 4.3.x which puts all those i Phone into recovery loop who try to preserve their old baseband using Tiny Umbrella or by changing HOSTS file.Note: Using Rec Boot or Tiny Umbrella (Exit Recovery) to kick your i Phone out of recovery mode loop will be of no use as these tools are only valid for i Phones running i OS 3.1.x and i OS 4.0.x/4.1.

i Phone 3G users, do not update to firmware 2.2.1 if you want to keep your unlock because firmware 2.2.1 will update your baseband permanently.

You will need to download custom firmware with an earlier baseband in order to use jailbreak.

Painted wooden crate stairs via Funky Junk Interiors I’ve always loved the look of stamped numbers and logos on wooden crates.

So when the PAINT theme came up for So You Think, I had an idea I’d never seen done before. Grabbing some crate and label inspiration I had close by, I started drawing up my plan.

Thanks to Notcom who released this special version of Tiny Umbrella called Fix Recovery which can actually kick all i Phone 4/3GS users out of i OS 4.2.x and i OS 4.3.x recovery mode loop using Green Pois0n exploit.

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NOTE: This is an unofficial release I just jailbroke my i Pod Touch 1st Generation with the firmware 2.2.1 update thanks to Vortex, a Russian hacker for creating the bundles for the firmware 2.2.1 update.