Hermaphrodite live free discreet hookup chat

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Hermaphrodite live free discreet hookup chat

Pat often end sentences by making a strange whimpering, giggling, or 'thought-in-process' sound.

Pat apparently has very sweaty palms, and is constantly wiping them on clothing, as if to dry them.

The other characters are generally sympathetic, and attempt to include Pat in conversations or activities.

An exception to this is when Pat speaks of sexual and romantic interests, to which other characters react with disgust or, at least, disinterest.

Sweeney has said, "I'd been an accountant for like five years, and there was one person I worked with in particular who had a lot of mannerisms like Pat.

This person sort of drooled and had the kind of body language of Pat. I was testing it out on my friends and they were just like, 'Yeah, it's good, but it doesn't seem like a guy that much.' Like I couldn't quite pull off being in drag convincingly enough. I'll just have one joke in here about how we don't know if that's a man or a woman just to sort of cover up for my lack of ability to really play a guy convincingly." Pat O'Neill Riley is fat, has short, curly black hair, and wears thick glasses.

The sketches always revolve around the gag of Pat's unrevealed gender.

The name "Pat" can be short for "Patricia", a female name, or "Patrick", a male name.

Pat typically wears a blue Western-style shirt, with tan slacks.

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In creating the character, actress Sweeney colored her lips beige, and colored in her eyebrows, to create the character's gender-ambiguous appearance.

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