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Height stomatolog or stomatologist or dentist site alliancedating com

This is the medicine if snakes have bitten them 240 48. This (is) when they are ill (by) those living in the forest 243 50. To accomplish their purpose the ghosts of the slain 'tsgaya' 'fonn settlements' in the bodies of their victims, usually just under the sldn, and thus cause malignant ulcers, watery blisters and swellings, all of which are generally ascribed to the 'tsgaya.' The 'tsgaya' doctrine of the Indian practitioner is thus the equivalent of the microbe theory of the white physician." (Mooney, Notes.) PRETERNATURAL CAUSES Not only natural and supernatural causes are active night and day to shower disease and death on the poor humans; as many, if not more, of the calamities of life are to be laid at the door of fellow human beings, who through preternatural means have the powder of sending mysterious diseases into the bodies and limbs of their neighbors.

This (is) the medicine (for) the black "yellow" 222 40. Rheu- matism and dysentery, swellings in the cheek, and violent headaches may all be caused in difi'erent patients by one and the same animal ghost, e. On the other hand, several different kinds of animal ghosts may all manifest their ill will and take vengeance on the human race by inflicting one and the same disease, as rheumatism which can be caused by the measuring worm, the rabbit, or the buffalo.This (is) the medicine whenever they have them shaking 225 41. This is the medicine when they attack him suddenly 229 43. A species of animal ghosts to which many ailments are ascribed are the various kinds of tcs GO'^ya or insects. ^ae« Prophylaxis Change from within— Influence from without 77 Attitude of the community toward the sick 80 Efficacy of treatment ^J The medicine man Different classes Scope of knowledge Social status Professional ethics ^^ The medicine man's fee ^^ Mutual relations I nitiation Diffusion of knowledge |"^ Succession and inheritance 1^*^ Skepticism Attitude toward white culture '■^' Personalities — Individual differences 109 Birth \l Sexual life Conception Abortus — Contraceptives ^^ During pregnancy Pregnant woman's taboos l-^" Husband's taboos ]^}- „ , . 153 To kill 154 For love attraction 154 For making unattractive 155 For separating 155 How the formulas are recited or sung 155 How the formulas are considered by the laity and by the medicine men 156 Technique of writing the formulas 157 Structure of the formulas 159 The ritual language 160 Cherokee Texts 1. This is to cure with, when they have them itching 173 5. 327-329) and by several stories collected by me) ; neither the deer nor any other animals, Og. m bo CONTENTS Page Bibliography xiii Acknowledgments xv In memoriam — James Mooney xvii Introduction 1 Material and method 1 The writer of the manuscript 7 General background — Informants used 7 Linguistic notes 10 Phonetic symbols and abbreviations 11 Disease, its nature and its causes : 14 Nature of disease 14 General semeiology IG Disease causes 17 Natural causes 17 Supernaturajl causes 18 Spirits 19 The Sun 19 The Fire 21 The Moon 22 The River 22 Thunder— Red Man— Two Little Red Men 23 Purple Man, Blue Man, Black Man, etc 24 Various Little People 25 Animal Spirits 25 Ghosts 26 Human ghosts 26 Animal ghosts 26 Preternatural causes 29 Witches 29 "Man-killers" •_':':_'l'j_-Lr'_ 33 aye^*li Go"Gi diseases 33 "Mulier menstruans" 34 Dreams 35 Omens 37 Neglected taboos; disregarded injunctions 38 Causes of contagious disease 39 Disease and its treatment 39 Diagnosis and prognosis 39 List of spirits 42 Color symbolism — Sacred numbers 51 Materia medica 52 Paraphernalia used in the treatment 58 Curing methods 60 Prescriptions as to diet, taboos, etc 64 A typical curing procedure 67 Surgery --- 68 V Yi CONTENTS Disease and its treatments-Continued. This is the medicine when they are sick with sharp pains 171 4. As for the successive incarnations of the animals, according to Og., the only one of my informants who had ever heard of it, this was only the case for the bears (as is indeed confirmed by Mooney's story of the "Bear Man" (Mooney, Myths, pp.This is to take those that have been left (alive) to the water with 232 44. Olbkechts] the swimmer MANUSCRIPT 29 "'Tsgaj'a' is a generic term for all small insects, larvae, and wornas, excepting intestinal worms.

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When they have pains appearing about in different places 235 45. This (is) to treat (them) with when "it affects them in such a way," as they usually call it 239 47. These 'tsgaya' are veiy numerous, hav- ing colonies in the water, in the earth, on the fohage of trees, and in every decaying log, and as they are constantly being crushed, burned, or otherwise destroyed by the hmnan race, they are constantly actuated by a spirit of revenge.