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Heavenly playgirl dating sim angelo

It tells you how many points you need and when you can get the events. She will give you all the info you need on how to play the game.

I would also recommend getting your guy of choice’s meter up to 1000 MAX. Then there is the cheat room that you can unlock by finding the key. You can buy the codes with in-game stats, or you can just google search for them. Only four of them appear in the intros, and the other four are hidden characters that unlock on certain days.

Here’s a wallpaper made by the game’s creator that features all the guys (source). Final Thoughts: For the creator’s first game, it’s really cute and well developed.

Art: The art is really nice and well made, and I found all the guys attractive in their own way. If you like the structure and gameplay of Pacthesis’ games, you will probably like this one.

Once you get so many points, you can get the guy’s event scene. Once you get that, the dialogue options will change.

It’s a bit like working your way up through levels of a relationship.

For example, getting the second event opens up an option to give them a gift.

Change her playgirl ways and fall in love after five weeks or she won’t be permitted to enter heaven.

That and a low sin meter is the only way to get the best end. Some of them are more developed than others, but they each are different and unique.

Some of the guys have some adorable and hilarious quirks too!

My only complaint is that the best end for every guy is the same.

Talk to guys, earn points by choosing the right dialogue, and get a happy end. If it’s too high when you finish, you won’t get the good end. Because of this, it’s best to focus on only one guy if you want to get a good ending.

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You earn points with the guys by choosing the correct dialogue options, giving them gifts, and going out on dates.

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