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Both flint glass and high-quality German and Venetian soda glass sought to imitate the appearance of rock crystal, which is why we now use the word “crystal” for fine glassware.Drinking glasses in those days came in many different sizes and shapes.Flint glass is easily distinguished from soda glass.Besides being heavier in weight, it is also more resonant.

Glass, making fine glass was a major industry in England during the entire 18th century.It was usually made from a lead crystal, then referred to as “flint” glass.Unfortunately, however, Ravenscroft’s early output had a tendency to “crizzle,” leaving an internal network of lines that eventually caused a breakdown of the surface of the glass.But this defect was soon corrected and, by the 1680s, Ravenscroft and others were consistently producing clear, brilliant, uncrizzled glass.English flint glass tended to be heavier, more stable, and more refractive than the unleaded “soda” glass then in general use in Europe.

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During the Georgian period, flint glass became the predominant material in drinking-glass production throughout England and the end products were greatly appreciated by connoisseurs.

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