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Thus, could you take me off this distribution list.We are both very happy and feel free to use us as an example of how speed dating works................. I have never been happier in my life......I'm old.......of. Take care, Ron (Raleigh/Durham) April 2015 I never thanked you for hosting our event last night (July 13 2014 Fitzgerald's ages 24-36F) at Fitzgerald's.So, many thanks to you for organizing such a fantastic program. I'm not sure if I'll be receiving any responses, but at any rate, I'm glad I attended and got a chance to participate in the festivities.Well we met at Amber 3 1/2 years ago and got married last spring so it did work for us.Jen and Jon (Seattle, WA) November 2015 Part 1 of TESTIMONIAL: Email to Event Host May 8, 2014: I wanted to tell you about my last speed dating event back in January.I am writing to thank you for providing an amazing service.I attended the event on March 7th and met a wonderful man, Marlon, and we've been dating ever since.It was my first speed dating experience and it was so much fun!

I have referred all of my single friends to your site and will continue to do so!!! Love, Ellixandrea (Orange County, April 2016) I meant to email this summer but time flies.

I remember our host saying at the event we went to that you wanted to know if we ended up in a relationship after one of pre dating's events.

You may not remember but I was very resistant about attending another event.

In fact, I was dead set against it when you called me. ) We both joke about that a bit because neither of us were expecting much and it turned out quite the opposite.

You and my therapist convinced me to try another time. She is the love of my life and, while I won't speak for her, she's told me the same. We are both appreciative of having the opportunity to meet each other.

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I had already been three times and I had not been on a single "date" and was content to just take a pass on any further attempts at speed dating. Well, it turns out that three times was not the charm. What we enjoy now wouldn't have happened otherwise and I'm sending this e-mail to let you know that. Take care, Ron Part 2 of TESTIMONIAL: Emailed to Event Host April 30, 2015: Hi Michael, Sharon and I were married in January.