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“A lot of people are like ‘well did you design your dress?

’ and I’m like, I would’ve, had I not found it, but literally, this girl is my soulmate wedding dress designer and I literally slipped into something she had and it fit like a glove, no alterations, no nothing.

“We’ve been together six years in November, so, it doesn’t feel long.

It just feels like, you know, we’re gonna be together forever,” said Graham. Have no fear though, we can expect to hear wedding bells soon!

Kat earlier this month attended a private Beverly Hills fundraiser to raise funds for arts-based educational initiatives at the 8th Annual Empathy Rocks event presented by Children Mending Hearts and Vintage Grocers.

Kat Graham, 24, looked sensational at Foster Grant’s 85th Anniversary party on July 17, 2014, at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel in NYC, where she filled us in on all the juicy details surrounding her wedding to Cottrell Guidry — and her gorgeous gown for the big day!

“The dress is Inbal Dror and I’m in love with it, its an Israeli designer, my whole family is Israeli so it’s kind of like a big deal, so I’m really excited about it,” she told Hollywood exclusively.

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It’s so nice to hear that the gown has so much meaning, and Kat’s face lit up as she spoke about the gorgeous creation!

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