Grace potter dating robert plant

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Grace potter dating robert plant

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This past year, however, the number of SBC churches grew by 1 percent to 46,449.

Pew also found that Southern Baptists are aging, with the median age rising from 49 in 2007 to 54 in 2014.

There are now more Southern Baptist churches than ever before: 46,449 as of last year. As the nation’s largest Protestant group prepares to meet in Columbus next week, it reported its largest annual decline in more than 130 years—a loss of 236,467 members.

With just under 15.5 million members, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) remains the largest Protestant group in the United States.

In 2007, Pew found that about 6.7 percent of Americans claimed to be Southern Baptists.

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In 2014, 5.3 percent of Americans were Southern Baptists.