Geek charming stars dating dating someone 20 years younger than you

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Geek charming stars dating

Prokop, 24, who once appeared on “Modern Family,” allegedly pinned the diminutive Hyland against a car door during an argument in May over her clothes, TMZ said.

His tweet about the incident was definitely shocking, but it’s understandable why Matt is so upset.

The petite actress, 23, said in court papers that her ex Matthew Prokop had physically and verbally abused her for the last four years, TMZ reported Tuesday.

According to court docs obtained by the website, Hyland’s onscreen mom Julie Bowen even witnessed some of the abuse.

Hyland describes an incident where she claims she was pinned against a car during an argument with Prokop in May.

During the altercation she says the young man choked her and called her a 'c***' over and over again.

Just six months ago, things seemed to be going extremely well between the couple. 18, the actress was inappropriately touched by a fan during a trip to Australia.

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A 29-year-old man named, Nedal Lakmas shocked Sarah when he grabbed her breast at the party — an event celebrating the fact that the cast is filming in Australia.

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