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Fuck tonight no credit card

Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truthand nothin but the truth so help your black ass? Greetings from Belgium, right, man..i'm from europe too, italy..you have to correct somthin' man,dre is not the biggest producer, Jay Z is the biggest now (def jam, rocafella and others owner), then comes 50, the second most rich rapper... Here da suggestions for yal, don't talk to much, you've gotta do staff... fckin your own people be dying and suffering not cus they shootin up each other in africa, cus they don't got food, homes, water, medicine. you can't decide that you just wanna go fuckin kill somebody and take there life with a pull of a trigga. The rest of useful society could use the extra are dumb its not about race. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren Ice Cube and Eazy muthafuckin E. Why don't you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say? And yall from Europe calm down cus you aint from cali where you see it happenin. Diid som3on3 fuk up yall skat3board ta mak3 yall thank yall go through tough shiit?!?! Thank God I was fortunate enough to never have been an associate of any of you pathetic morons. everyone who says "I'm white" or "I'm black" is just spurring more racism. fuck the police..fucking i,m fuckin white i listen to rap i think that this racist shit on here i read is bullshit because after 50 cent and all the other rappers there is one that is white and thats eminem he is a good rapper look at his underground music it says it all Who gives a shit what color anyone is? "I'm white but I love NWA." "I'm black and you can't understand what its like..." NWA expressed the feelings of an entire generation in the hood and did it with funky ass beats and rhymes unrivaled by any artist today. P 3asy 3 =[ miiss yalook, i know where these guys are coming from, but some of you people are just dumb. i love rap and most black people but you guys are just fags. i fuckin had to deal drugs in school just so i could eatthis song is about unfair treatment to youth, mostly blacks. i just got a felony arson charge for something i didnt do. Btw i dont like it when white people use the word nigga it robs of its purpose and culture, so dont be getting jealous cause we went through a lot to get to use this word personally i dont think black people should use it to much either cause then whites might get carried awaylol, its funny to see that more than a decade has passed and this song is still controversial and has an impact, did nwa tought that in 2008 ppl would be dissin each one sayin that yeah every black man knows the shit and all white guys are spoiled kids who think doin their own laundry is a punishment.. The best song by nwa is striaght outta compton(reppin), but fuk the police is a close best part of this song is To the police I'm sayin fuck you punk Readin my rights and shit, it's all junk Pullin out a silly club, so you stand With a fake assed badge and a gun in your hand. Way to take a message board about a great classic song and turn it into a race war. Its like you didnt even understand the message of the song you say you love. my mistake nottingham isnt such a small place after all.! ie im some 13 half-cast boy that gets bullied by the racist biaches. i didnt have shit on me and i still spent the night in jail, cuffed and thrown into a cop car because i wouldnt let them search me. "I know plenty of cops that would break any of those fake ass studio gangstas in half.(without a gun or badge)Plus!

and to all you gangstas out there, why are you wrtiting in here YEAH I GONNA KICK YO ASS TOO come here, pfhh... how the hell did racism become part of the conversation? do you know how dumb it is to judge somebody based on their skin? I don't speak spanish and I have always wanted to know what he says. Cops are out there everyday taking these dumb mother fuckers down. and why would some " thug" waste his time arguing on a song?

1: I'm white 2: I'm into punk (call me a punk I don't fucking care) and 3: who gives a shit if you're white, black, hispanic, asian. we're all people, and the police force doens't give a fuck. the whole civil rights movement was about that, and now there are black supreamacists? u guys r just takin out ur pissed offness n saying that crackers r dumb, yeah, most are, but dont call out fucking a quarter of the world, its fucking dumb. I am a police officer and I personally find these lyrics highly offensive. You know at the end of the song, there is a spanish guy who says something and the only word I can make out is policia. Dre is not the biggest producer (posted by G player on 6/12/2008 am), that it is Jay Z, you're an idiot. These gangsta wannabe's get in a few fights and sell some drugs so they think that makes them hard. no ones more hard then the cops that slam these pansy's faces in the ground day after day. Take a look into Al Capone, Charlie Luciano, or Frank Lucas. Your not sticking up for your " homie E or anything so shut up and suck a fat dick.

teacher and i love NWA also, not sure why, except i believe this song is a good protest song and i just like the rap. however, 10-year old girls hip-hopping to Smack That is going too far Yo, niggaz, yo, NWA is a hot shit, man nigga, man, yeah, Youknowhatimsaying, man, nigga, im fuckin white but fuck it-I'm happy cuz I maybe gonna be fuckin black, youknowhatimsaying, yeah, and by the muddafuckin way - fuck tha copz! N TO ALL OF THOSE WHO THINKS THAT KKK STILL PART OF OUR SOCIETY, LET ME TELL YA: FUCK YOU STUPID ASS MOTHAFUCKASSSS. RAP 4 LIFE."But take off the gun so you can see what's up, And we'll go at it punk, I'ma fuck you up"Diiz song iiz fuckiin dop3 as fuk niigga!! Damn all yall liil whiit3 kiidz liist3n ta diiz, ii gu3ss datz iight but yall don't r3ally no shiit dat go down iin da hood, but shiit yall got tast3 iin rappahz, ii got mad lov3 for dat. iim a half black and half m3xiican straiight from dat H-Town biitch, fuck da poliic3, fuk stuck up whiit3 riich folks, fuck da motha fuckiin kkk and all da niiggaz who hat3 blackz and hiispaniics cuz yall som3 w3ak and punk niiggaz who b3 liiviin liif3 3asy. there are white hoods too, out of america where the african population is lower like in australia, there is some fucked up shit out in the suburbs and into the city, no1's better at bein gangster coz they're black or white, its how real the person is W3ll fiirzt of all da surburbz aiint gh3tto niigga, datz why d3y da surburbs niigga!!

my other fave is 50-cent, which is hard to believe because his lyrics are so obscene.

A sucka in a uniform waitin to get shot, By me, or another with a gat it don't matter if he's smarter or bigger[MC Ren: Sidle him, kid, he's from the old school, fool]And as you all know, E's here to rule Whenever I'm rollin, keep lookin in the mirror And there's no cue, yo, so I can hear a Dumb muthafucka with a gun And if I'm rollin off the 8, he'll be tha one That I take out, and then get away And while I'm drivin off laughin This is what I'll say Fuck the police (4X)Lectori Salutem, Excellent eighties old-skool hip-hop, the lyrics verbalize still actual facts as they happen in L. For Ice Cube the same success story, he also played in some Hollywood movies, correct me if I'm wrong. Plus theres still loads of racism my old ass neighbour called me a monkey and a mulatto once and some guy on the bus caused my full black cousin nigger. These are some serious lyrics by a serious rap group that needs to be understood by the masses . All you black guys thinking that you can relate to NWA their rappers their life isn't hard. I live in LA and it's fine and I used to live in Compton when I was younger so fuck off Judging from the mentality of all these guys saying their from the 'hood' you can see why its a shitty place to be. nd anyway we r all the same anyway god made us exept the kkk and racist fucks are weak. the other day, i was smoking with my crew and cops rolled on us guns drawn and everything, yelling about "dope" smokers. Listen to this bull shit "Without a gun and a badge, what do ya got?

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Yo fuckin hoods matherfuckers, who da fuck u think u r? At least people in russia more serious, then fuckin Compton G'ssssssss ahahahah Gsss fuck so funny. But don't say yall can r3lat3 ta diiz shiit cuz no off3ns3, but yall got iit good, man niigga ii 3v3n fac3d da fuckiin gay ass cops juz cuz ii aiint whiit3 iim a fukiin criimiinal or r3b3l or som3 shiit liik3 dat. Fuck tha police Comin straight from the underground Young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown And not the other color so police think They have the authority to kill a minority iim da top H-Town Biitch niigga!! Fuk da suburbiian niiggaz who thank d3y da top niiggaz. And iits just cuz the majoriity a whiit3 folks are liik3 skata niiggaz and wanna b3z datz why w3 *blacks and hiispaniics* r liik3 yall liil riich whiit3 folks aiint no shiit....sp33kiin da truth...-_-mos yall don't know shit about what goes round the world. how you gonna go and just kill people you think you hate.

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