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They showed Mail Online pictures of coins, a German helmet and a Nazi Eagle they found at the site, adding: 'There is still a lot of treasure like this lying around.

If that train is in the tunnel, it could well contain more of this, a lot more.' Spotted: The Polish authorities have poured fuel on the fire by saying they have now seen proof of a 100 metre train under the hill which left them '99 per cent' convinced it really does exist.

Treasure hunters scouring the woods above the tunnel where the Nazi train is said to be hidden have claimed to have found a Nazi Eagle, gold coins and other WWII memorabilia which they say is 'proof' it may really be packed with priceless jewels.

It sparked a frenzy with treasure hunters as far away as Japan descending on the area.With a fear that there are still booby-traps in the area left by the Nazis and that people may be tempted to start digging for the so-called treasures themselves, authorities have now closed off the 4km site.Here he shows a picture of where he believes the the tunnel entrance used to be Tadeusz Slowikowski, who has devoted decades of his life to the hunt, even building a replica of the entrance in his Walbrych home, believes a family was murdered who lived near the tracks after they saw the Nazis hiding the train.Different kind of treasure: There is some speculation it may not be gold inside the train, but pieces of art - and even the long-lost Amber Room, stolen from Russia in 1941, which has not been seen since 1945Local man Darek, 36, told Mail Online: 'Why won't they show us the evidence?Local lore says Nazi Germany ordered the vast underground network, which snakes around the massive Ksiaz Castle, be built to hide Third Reich valuables, V2 bombs and even Hitler himself - or, even more unlikely, evidence of UFOs.

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Expert: Walbrzych resident Tadeusz Slowikowski has been hunting for the mysterious Nazi gold train ever since he first heard of its existence back in the 1950s, from a man he rescued from being attacked.