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Free sex hook ups no credit

n August 2012, two rapes by unknown assailants were reported at Harvard University, sending the school into crisis.

Police cruisers idled around the campus; uniformed and plainclothes officers came out in force. A member of the undergraduate council called for the closing of Harvard Yard.

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“I thought Cambridge wasn’t a dangerous area,” a freshman told the stu campus authorities ultimately deemed at least one of the rape allegations baseless, judging by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports.

Why the disparity between administrative talk and action?

The “severity of the problem” required “an even more intent focus on the problem of sexual assault,” Faust said.

Harvard professor and former provost Steve Hyman decried the “terribly damaging” problem that “profoundly violates the values and undermines the educational goals of this University.” And yet, apart from Drew Gilpin Faust’s recital of Harvard’s burgeoning rape bureaucracy—50 Title IX coordinators, a new Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution filled to the brim with “trained investigators,” a doubling of staff at the Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response—nothing else happened.

Since Harvard never disclosed the outcome of either of its investigations, its findings regarding the other supposed incident remain secret.)In September 2015, Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust announced that Harvard students experience sexual assault with “alarming frequency.” Faust was responding to the results of a sexual assault survey conducted at Harvard and 26 other colleges earlier in the year.

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According to the survey, spearheaded by the Association of American Universities (AAU), 16 percent of Harvard female seniors had experienced nonconsensual sexual penetration during their time at the college and nearly 40 percent had experienced nonconsensual sexual contact.

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