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The question is are our leader's sincere in their quest to alleviate poverty? I think they should work the talk and forget rhetoric. Power - we spent billions of dollars on power yet a country five times the population of South Africa struggles to get to 3,000 megawatts.Now they have promised to get to 10,000 megawatts by 2015 by the end of the present govt tenure.My country has ratified it but not yet organised activities; our youth community is not yet familiarised with youth associations or community; the one sector which puts together youth associations is actually pro government, that gives some problems and stopped some initiatives. very recently, the government has made known the availability of 25000 jobs for young people nation wide and there is a call for application. Primary education is free and last year, university tuition which is at 100USD was reimbursed through the head of state's generous scholarship offer which was awarded to everyone but for the very dumb ones who had a GPA below 2 on 4.Though not very effective, access to SRHR education is promoted and campaigns against HIV/AIDS can be clearly seen The ratification of the Africa Youth charter has boost the youth consciousness on politics, economic, social and cultural domains.Take Nigeria as a case study where 100 billion naira was released for agricultural development with the main purpose of attracting young Nigerian's to farming. Then - where is the technical capacity of young people?What are they taught in schools - it is reliant in the real world outside the world of the school system. Computers studies that are outdated...a recent meeting with the world bank we are told that what the youth's are taught are what countries had left since 1964 - imagine that! I know it's the same thing in most countries in Africa.The UN General Assembly declared the period between August 2010 - August 2011 The International Year of the Youth.In support of this the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union gave special attention to youth development by focussing its July 2011 summit on the theme Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development. should be creative on how to make farming less tedious which is one of the complaints the youths give for not going into farming - access to fund to go into farming.

South Africa, one fifth of Nigeria's population, has fifty megawatts.......

Yes, I know Burundi has ratified African Youth Charter 10th, 11, 2006.

This questionnaire was created in advance of the summit to determine the issues facing young people and what they aspire to see in the African continent in the future. In Nigeria land and whatever is therein belong to the govt., I think the land use act should be reviewed for easy access to land. program to give back land irrespective of state just for those that want to go into farming. Nigeria is the world largest importer of fish, we spend billions of dollars yearly importing substandard rice.

Illiteracy, Unemployment, HIV/AIDS, Lack of entrepreneurial skill, Drug abuse, Lack of good governance, Peace and security, Harmful traditional practices, Lack of acceptance, Unable to participate in policy and programs on Issues of unemployment - It is a complex challenge not a problem per se. Infrastructure is not there so how can farmers store produce, extension workers culture long gone.

I also know the East African Youth Charter for Human Rights and Good Governance of August 2009.

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