Face to face nude chat

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Face to face nude chat

On April 26, 2011 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. At 52 Alite still carries himself like the wise guy mobster he once was.

He was released in 2013 having served six since his extradition. He is physically fit, heavily tattooed and charismatic.

He has been pistol whipped, been brutally beaten, has had his life threatened and survived two years in a Brazilian jail so appalling that the President of the country has said he'd rather die than go there. He could never be a 'made' man in the mafia because the grandson of Albanian immigrants was born in Tirana, Albania.

And this, he has just announced, is the hardest time he's ever had. But he thought he was moving in a world governed by rules; codes of honour, loyalty and respect.

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