Dr web off line virus updating

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Dr web off line virus updating

Note: I created the above list a while ago and have a few listed you already mentioned.

I have not used them all so I cannot confirm if all have the option to choose which drive to scan...you'll need to test them and confirm.

Offline scanners are great but they don't always find everything.) Are there any other offline scanners which allow you to choose which drives to scan, while leaving others alone?

Obviously free is best but I wouldn't mind paying for something outstanding.

I know that the Sophos doesn't appear to allow any customization (unless I'm missing something somewhere). Using Quiet Man7's suggested list of additional tools, I've tested the following, with results listed accordingly.The system used for testing was a Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) box with a Seagate external 2T USB drive. When someone brings us a severely infected machine, we typically pull the hard drive and put it into a USB caddy attached to a known uninfected PC (the workbench), and run various offline scanners on the infected drive only.Currently we're using ESET, Malware Bytes, EMSISoft, and Microsoft Security Essentials (the active AV on the workbench PC).I want to emphasize that I'm not judging the effectiveness of any of these tools; my sole reason for testing was to find which scanners could scan user-specified drives (rather than simply scan everything).

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Granted, simply scanning everything is probably the safest thing to do, but in most cases in my work it's unnecessary.