Double your dating billing support

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Double your dating billing support

Your employer is required to send the payment to DOR within three days of the withholding.DOR gives you credit for a payment when DOR receives it, not the date that the payment is withheld from your paycheck.At the end of the month, DOR checks to see how much support was paid by the last day of the month.If DOR does not receive all the payments due in the month before the billing cycle closes at the end of the month, the missed payments result in an arrears balance.The total child support due in the month is calculated by the number of Fridays in that month.

DOR will not receive the payment deducted from your paycheck and due on June 30 If you receive a paycheck every two weeks, DOR charges your account for the full amount due in the month by counting the number of Fridays in the month, as with a weekly obligation.Twice a year, because you are paid every two weeks, your employer will send payment for the last week of the month in the first week of the next month.This Information Sheet explains how, in some instances, the arrears balance may not be "true" arrears.If you have a weekly child support obligation, DOR charges your account each Friday.The court order of support requires you to pay a certain amount on a weekly or monthly basis, and each week or month another installment of support becomes due.

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DOR's "billing cycle" is from the first day to the last day of every month.

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