Direct tv tivo not updating time

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Direct tv tivo not updating time

But they still fail to do so because they are either dumb as a "load of bricks" or they are just too lazy to do it.

(inside access door on a sticker) (on the back of receiver on a label) Since there are so many directv receivers floating around on ebay.

I strongly advise people out there shopping to get a good used Directv DVR any brand or model or a standard newer receiver off of ebay, is to and check with directv to make sure the receiver is not a"leased" but "owned", before placing a bid on any newer directv receiver, D10, D11 R10, R15, R16 ETC.

The price may sound right, but the sellers may be dishonest about the receiver of not saying if it is a "lease" or "owned" receiver in the description.

SELLERS that been selling directv receivers on ebay for while, should know by now to list the RID with any receiver by default.Regardless of how a receiver is obtained, if it is a lease from Directv, you do not own it!!!The sellers on ebay (dishonest sellers) do not have the right to sell leased Directv equipment. If it is a "lease", Then inform ebay telling them the problem you are having with the seller. access cards, once they are used and decommissioned they are good as ice scrapers!!!!!IF THE SELLER DOES NOT RESPOND BECAUSE HE OR SHE REFUSES TO GIVE THE RECEIVER RID, or just giving you the run about the receiver, turn them into ebay, stating the problem, they refuse to give you the RID number.The purpose of this guide is to help honest buyers to do the right thing, so they do not get stuck with a directv receiver that can never be activated. I am mostly dealing with used Directv equipment to help people understand the concepts when buying used Directv equipment here on ebay.

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There are guides on here that pertain to the leasing model that directv began doings back in MARCH of 2006.

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