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Direct radiometric dating volcanic rocks

Geologists do not directly measure the age of a rock.

It is similar to assuming that the constriction in an hourglass has always been the same diameter, and the same number of sand grains passes every minute.

Radioisotope decay rates are renowned for constancy under normal conditions, so this assumption appears reasonable.

Although these particular isotopes are not used to date rocks, they illustrate that radioisotope decay (radiodecay) is not always constant.

Second, rocks observed to form on a particular date often show radioisotope age estimates far exceeding their actual ages. Helens was only ten years old, it showed a radioisotope age estimate of 340,000 years!

Results like these prompted a team of seven creation researchers to investigate the causes of incorrect radioisotope age estimates.

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They found two clues in granite rock that are best explained by radioisotopes that decayed much faster in the past than they do today.