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Deviantart alice in wonderland dating sim

Also I love the watercolor style used in the anime. Near the end of the amv are some clips of Pandora Hearts.

Go read this if your a fan of manga, it won't disappoint I swear it Art is (c) to Character belongs to Quin Rose Now that I'm into watching anime, I really want to watch this one sometime. However, I'm much more keen on watching Pandora Hearts.

If you haven't heard of it, its another Alice in Wonderland themed anime, with a much darker tone than Country of Hearts. Sorry if this is random, but watch this fabulous amv (and anything else in the playlist).

In other news, where are you at in education terms right now? I watched that maybe a few years back when it was first released.

I love anything that's really related to Alice in Wonderland.

So that is one big plus as to why I like Alice in the Country of Hearts.

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The only correction I need to make with you is that there's only a movie that was animated for this series because it's a manga and sim dating game.

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