Dating wurlitzer electric piano

Posted by / 18-Apr-2015 03:05

Does anyone have any other benchmarks that come to mind that would help narrow down production years?

And on another note does anyone know any of the pricing for Wurlitzers from the 1970's?

The first is identical to the 112A and the other can be assumed to be later in production.

Wurlitzer 140/145 - Does anyone know what year they switched to the 140B?

The amplifier schematic also labels the two outputs as "early production," and "late production" but does anyone know around what dates this switched over?

I usually consider the amp board with the fuse in the power amp to be "circa 1968" and the later style to be "circa '71/72," But don't know where to place the transitional amps.

Besides the fuse giveaway the other thing that I look for is whether or not it has the D6 Diode in the preamp.

One of my most recent 140B's had the 140A damper assembly and knob configuration but I couldn't find a date stamp anywhere inside.

Wurlitzer 200 - Since they changed the 200 amp at least three times within just a 4 year span there must be a way to narrow down the years for each of the amplifiers within just a year or two.

Wurlitzer 200A - For at least a short period of time the 200A's still used the 200 series alnico speakers which helps mark them as "circa '72" and as I mentioned at the top of the post the Wurlitzer logos can be pinned to "circa 1980." They still used the metal plates on the 3rd octave of the reed bar for a little while after switching to the 200A style speakers.

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At some point they had what must have been a very short run of alternate amplifier pc boards that were black and brown but I have not yet been able to date them.