Dating while divorcing adultery

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Dating while divorcing adultery

I am stubborn like that, much to the chagrin of my friends in India, Indonesia, and I am sure all the buddies I am going to have in Indochina in the coming years. But less about me, and more about them, those Indian hotel staff from the Hotel Shanti: Now these blokes were all good Hindus, and some of them doubtless were married.Where does Hinduism stand on cheating on your girlfriends or wives, or frequenting red light districts, whether they be in Delhi or Mumbai?We did eat some of that famous Chowpatty ice cream actually, but this was really the main course -- dessert was a visit to the sprawling red light district of Kamathipura.And my, what a desert of vice and moral depravity it was! WHERE DOES HINDUISM STAND ON ADULTERY AND ONE NIGHT STANDS?

One moment of regret, when I went upstairs to check up on the guys: one of the girls up there was really cute!

I had given up my chance of a little fun with her, but I have my principles, and I can't budge, even when it is to my detriment.

To the bemusement of the hotel owner and his staff, I rejected invitations to join them for a little bodily massage in the dilapidated cubicles upstairs, insisting that I stay put in the taxi.

I could feel their thoughts, just as I had felt them once, in Indonesia: I am sure that was what they were thinking.

What do the scriptures say about adultery (to some the ultimate betrayal)?

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What is the Hindu view of sex before marriage and online dating and all these other modern trends?

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  1. If your man is living in his mother’s house for more than a couple of months — I give a small grace period — RED FLAG. If he drives an expensive car, but rents an apartment — RED FLAG. Men are aggressive by nature, and once we devour our prey, we’re off on the next hunt.