Dating site for classical musicians

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Dating site for classical musicians

I love life, am outgoing and thrive where I now live.

If you're being charitable you could say Pachelbel is just providing a solid anchor for one of the most famous pieces of classical music ever.

Seriously, what did the cellist ever do to Pachelbel? Because nothing says 'masterpiece' like synthetic, beeping versions of the classics.

Both La Traviata and Rigoletto end in D flat minor, with its brain-melting array of confusing fingerings.

Just give us a wave when we're supposed to come in, yeah?

Ah, Brian Ferneyhough, scourge of musicians who value their sanity.

But if you're a cellist, then Pachelbel's picture is on your dartboard.

So, you're mid-trawl and you happen upon a great little clip to enjoy, and it turns out to be the computerised ramblings of a Midi version. It's a staple of the jobbing musician's life, but working in a pit orchestra for a theatrical run has its drawbacks, namely DVT and a humped back from ducking to get to your seat.

Any attempt to blow through this one is only going to end up with a split lip, animalistic squeaking and a weeping audience. This less-than-tranquil snapshot from his sixth symphony suggests that if the brass section have to put their fingers in their ears then it's probably only measureable on the Richter scale. Hell hath no fury like a violinist with a broken E string.

That Mahler, he knew how to write a quiet, reflective passage, eh? The change in a violinist's facial expression as their faithful string pings back towards their chin is one of the scariest things that can happen in classical music.

Good thing those bars are empty, otherwise we'd have to count.

His piece 'La Terre est un Homme' is, by the composer's own admission, close to unplayable for most musicians.

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times - wait for the nod! Great news - you're spending the next 6 weeks being deafened in a cramped underground hole!

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39 - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Artistic singer and dancer loves music looking for friends.

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