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Dating site for busy professionals

The newest trend in the business world has nothing at all to do with business.

The latest business trend is dating apps geared toward busy business professionals, with developers around the globe hoping to solve the conundrum of pairing people that are traditionally too busy to get out into the dating world.

After covering the newest app of this type, the emails began rolling in from dozens of companies asking us to consider their similar offering, so we’ve rounded up five of the most interesting below that focus on connecting business professionals. It introduces you to professionals in your area and then allows you to anonymously “like” or “pass” on your recommendations.

If your match also presses “like” you can then chat with them right inside the app; no need to divulge your personal contact information right away.

Users can browse different personality collages and if they mutually like one another’s collections, the application reveals their profile pictures. Twine hopes this will take the focus off surfing an endless stream of profile pictures and help users connect on a deeper level.

We Pair You is available only through the web site.

When you sign up you will complete a quick ten minute phone call, so the We Pair people can get a better idea of who you are.

Then each month We Pair matchmakers send you matches from their database.

Twine will also connect with Facebook, if you desire. You can then anonymously “meet” or “pass” on professionals that have checked in to the same location, or nearby.

While this app is used for dating, it is also being used to find new contacts, business partners, and outsourcing contacts. We Pair You is a bit like matchmaker meets Tinder meets networking.

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