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Dating seminars toronto

After all, I don’t understand how men work and I, according to my birth certificate, am one. Hussey walks on stage and removes his jacket to raucous wolf whistles. However, there’s no doubt Hussey’s approach is popular. And when he urges women to open themselves to having more fun – explaining that it makes you more fun to be around –it occurs to me that he has probably identified the single most fanciable quality I can think of in a woman.

‘His videos changed my life,’ explains Fiona, a thirty-something divorcee who has travelled to today’s event from Bognor.Mostly he concentrates on the basics: smile at men you like the look of; start conversations instead of waiting to be talked to; don’t stand in a closed circle when you’re out or you’ll look like you don’t want to be approached. To stop energy levels dropping, Hussey presses play on his laptop, and the venue’s speakers blare out uptempo chart pop. ‘So often when he pointed out things women do wrong, I was, like, ‘I do that! At times he talks up his crowd’s self-worth so movingly that they melt like their insides have turned to Creme Egg filling. Lingering shots of beautiful oceanscapes are intercut with scenes of emotional women lying on their backs, mascara streaming below leaking eyeballs.‘He seems to genuinely want to help other people improve.’ Hussey’s videos, which have racked up millions of views, are so popular partly because his tips appeal to women of all ages.This event is attended by everyone from youthful, red-lippy-caked hipsters in neon jeggings to greying, matronly types right there alongside them.Clearly Mr Get the Guy knows how to put women under his spell, but did I miss the Penis Owners’ AGM where we voted him in as our official mouthpiece? There could be more euphoria flowing from these lady larynxes, but only if Ryan Gosling wandered onstage. Sorry, but I am not getting ‘sexy and fun’ from ‘obsessed’ and ‘stay away from me’.

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