Dating rapper drake

Posted by / 07-Sep-2016 22:53

In addition, it is claimed that this is possibly one reason why Drake is not much into Rihanna these days.Some time back, Drake and Rihanna were almost inseparable at all events.The couple left no stone unturned to publicize their relationship.

While rumors surrounding a Rihanna Drake split is doing the rounds online, the latter seems to have found a new woman in his life. Reports further claim that they are dating each other.Recently, Drake and India Love were spotted together in a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.There is no denying that Drake and Rihanna have been going strong over the last few months.Amidst all PDA sessions, fans got to learn about the couple’s break up news.Some insiders claim, ever since India entered into the rapper’s life, things have turned worse for Rihanna.

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Drake’s closeness with the model has annoyed Rihanna a lot, and has therefore been maintaining some distance from him.“Drake could be hooking up with India Love now to piss off Rihanna, which has clearly worked,” according to a source.