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Dating like buddha

This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.NOTE: other restrictions can be a result of our security platform detecting potential malicious activity.Richard Gombrich which I find still resonating around in my psyche. Gombrich talked about was his disappointment that his article in which he had discovered the 'true' dates of the Buddha had not attracted any attention from the scholarly community.That oversight has now been corrected in a recent article by Charles Prebish in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, which he co-founded with Damien Keown.Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists.Almost two years ago now I attended a series of lectures by Prof.

This date relies on texts which state that the coronation of Aśoka was exactly 100 years after the parinibbana, meaning that the Buddha died in 368 BCE.However the problem here is that all ancient texts are not in agreement over the elapsed time. It is however supported by archaeological evidence and gained some heavy weight supporters.The idea here is that when Upāli finished collected the Vinaya immediately after the Buddha's death he placed a dot on the manuscript.Prebish reviews the many contributions, including his own, over the years and spells out the conclusions to date which are not unanimous.In fact there are four chronologies: This puts the death of the Buddha at 544/43 BCE and is accepted only by the Theravada tradition and not by scholars.

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