Dating is craigs list legitimate

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Dating is craigs list legitimate

- replies showing off how rich you are or how successful you are.I'm not interested in that, I thought this was all about NSA sex, right?First of all, I DID include a picture in my ad, so now it's your turn.Second, even if I didn't include a picture, you may want to include a picture in your first e-mail because this is CL and I am a woman and you are a man, which implies that I get 280 replies. Guys, I'm a sucker for a nice, big cock (literally and methaphorically), but I'd like to see your face too. Unless it is a demand like "will only fuck with condoms".- replies in which I am called a "dirty whore" (I didn't want the money, remember?) or a "short cock slut" (thanks again for the compliment, especially if it's coming from someone three inches shorter than me, but probably you were not referring to me being a short slut who sucks cock, but to you wanting your short cock to be sucked by a slut.If you are too concerned about spam and picture collectors, there is one very simple sollution: DON'T RESPOND TO ANY AD.Some other things that irritated me: - replies that say "you send picture first", "show me" or "i sent pic if you sent pic" (never mind the grammar).

Two seemingly similar things, but a world of difference.

I do like to suck cock, but am neither short nor a whore; your cock however was anything but big). I could write back that human races strictly speaking don't exist and that there is only the human race, but that would be pushing it a bit too far in this superconservative country wouldn't it?

So please send either only a face picture or a face and a dick picture. I mentioned mine and even though I didn't ask for yours, it should be standard procedure to include your age. - replies that make weird propositions, like offering me money (thanks, how flattering...) or asking me to marry you.

My ad was in "casual encounters" not in "erotic services" or "ltr".

Sunday I placed an ad around 11pm (I included the photo below, you may recognize it). Most of you guys are afraid of picture collectors and spam. However, if you think an ad is spam or by someone collecting pictures, don't write an e-mail saying "you real??? So if you don't get a reply, that does not mean that I'm not real, it simply means that I don't have time to e-mail you back.

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