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Dating in thailand tips

Of course, not everyone who is interested in Thai dating is intending to find a wife and settle down; plenty of people are turning to online dating because it is a fun, simple way of meeting lots of people.Whatever your romantic interest in Thai girls is, you’ve landed on the right website. This is not a dating site in itself, so there are no subscription fees to pay.In the sections and pages that follow, you’ll find all the advice that you need to get started on your search for a romantic partner from the right side of the track, one that isn’t only interested in your money! In general, it is not really a good idea to jump straight into online dating unless you have some familiarity with Thai girls and the way they think and feel.You'll find a high proportion of Thai ladies looking for foreign boyfriends on my recommended site; there's usually around four active Thai female profiles for every western male profile.The tourist hotspots are great places for having casual fun with Thai girls, but they are not suitable for finding a lasting romance – have a read of the story below for an example of why this is the case.Believe it or not, the vast majority of problems that occur online are due to one cultural misunderstanding or another.You might assume that the language barrier is the biggest problem, but many of the online ladies have got a decent grasp of English, and most others can easily find an interpreter to help out.Foreign investment has poured into the country, bringing with it a body of respectable western visitors on overseas work-contracts and so on, and this has stirred romantic curiosity levels amongst the ladies; even hi-society girls are starting to take an interest in us!

Effective communication (not the same as language) is the key and that is where most Westerners fall short in their efforts; you don’t need to speak Thai and you don’t need your girl to speak English fluently (although a basic grasp of English is obviously a help), what you do need is some help to understand how Thai girls think and feel; and how these emotions differ to typical Western feelings and emotions in any given situation.

I’ll give you my best advice on this along with lots of advice about finding a respectable lady, what to expect on a date, how to present yourself, how to impress, and above all, what not to do, not to write and not to say!

My recommended Thai dating site is, in most cases, the best place to start your search for a lady.

Practice has proven it to be the most effective method whilst also offering the best value for money (be aware that there are some online scams and that some dating sites cost a lot of money whilst failing to deliver on their promises).

If the idea of dating Thai girls appeals to you then you are not alone.

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More and more men are looking eastwards for their romantic partners these days and with good reason; mainstream Thai attitudes towards westerners have improved a great deal in recent years.

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