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Dating in finland for love

The 31-year-old Spaniard estimates that the interest may stem from the fact that Finnish men are not as willing to talk about feelings, sex and love.

Young people don't necessarily consider that a crucial factor when pairing up." "Foreign men are much better-looking" Saara, 32, from Jyväskylä has had roughly a dozen short-term relationships with foreign men.

In her experience, foreign men are easier to talk to, better-mannered and considerate by nature.

She also points out that women living in cities accept immigrants more readily than other population groups, according to studies.

"The older generations may be more sceptical about the prospects of a multi-cultural marriage.

"I've tried to explain to my mates in Australia how easy it was to find company in Finland. You must experience it first hand." Finnish women, he estimates, must simply love the Australian accent as they were not afraid to make the initiative.

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