Dating a druggie

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Dating a druggie

You might also want to avoid preset (aka ready-made) rings, recommends Rose.Design your own and you decide how much cash goes toward the setting (the part that holds the stone) and how much goes to the diamond.“Inclusions determine price, but many flaws are visible only under 10X magnification,” she explains."At James Allen, we use a new proprietary technology to make it easier for buyers to easily spot the diamonds that are more affordable, yet still clean and beautiful to the naked eye." Compromising on this particular "c" — clarity — can help you to save significant money (and no one will be the wiser).There are a few options for determining this, some sneakier than others.

“ Is she more old-fashioned or does she love modern styles?

Once there, the jeweler can use a ring sizer—that's what you see to the left—to find her size.

, there’s still one huge hurdle to clear: getting her to spend the rest of her life with you.

We’ve broken down the proposal process—including the tricky “getting a ring” thing—into ten simple steps., an online luxury jeweler.

That’ll help you figure out if she’d prefer a classic round diamond solitaire or an antique cushion cut with pavé-set diamonds.” (Don't panic: you can get a translation for those terms at the store.) Even easier: “ Ask her best friend or a relative about her engagement ring preference,” says Rose. “There’s no right amount to spend on an engagement ring,” insists Rose.

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So pick a comfortable cost and shop around—including online.