Cyber sex chat only

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Cyber sex chat only

Habbo Hotel statement Paul La Fontaine, the chief executive of Sulake, the company which owns Habbo Hotel, told Channel 4 News it is committed to ensuring that children are safe on the site: "Any online community that allows users to assume virtual identities may be open to abuses, which is why we work hard to keep users safe, filtering content and blocking inappropriate users.The requests were persistent and often forceful, making me feel pressured under the barrage.

But within minutes, lines of chat on speech bubbles rolled over the screen filled with pornographic chat.

At first I couldn't quite believe my eyes, but it was there in black and white.

At first it left me feeling slightly dirty and then pretty quickly, outraged.

'Sexy stripclub' This soon developed into these characters asking whether I would get naked on a webcam, or simply watch them masturbate.

And when I first logged into the site of Habbo Hotel, that is pretty much what I got.

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I created my cartoon child-like avatar (my online persona) as a little girl with shorts and T-shirt and a flower in her hair, and she wandered across brightly-coloured rooms with teddy bears, flashing neon lights, pink ponies and fluttering butterflies.

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