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Chuck berry dating game

What better way to rope in a certain cutie you’ve been eyeing for ages than Snapchat (which, according to Business Insider, has about 30 million monthly active users)?

The app is a fabulous tool for snagging the guy who’s been ruling your fantasies for the past month, because it’s the perfect way to showcase how amazing you are.

I would rather read than go in having been given the part, because it makes me feel more confident as I walk on the set the first day.” Janney added, “I love that it’s a show about recovery.

I think that’s an important part of the show, and definitely one of the main reasons I wanted to do it." She noted that recovery was an important issue to her, before adding, "I love Anna Faris so much, and we have a good relationship there.” Janney said that she was surprised by how bold people can be in real life, saying people come up to her in the grocery store to tell her that she “is much prettier in person.” She recounted one instance when a bartender said to her, “I don’t mean to insult you, but you look just like Allison Janney.” She responded to say, “Well, I am her, and my drinks will be free for the rest of the night.” More roundtables featuring comedy and drama actors, drama actresses, comedy and drama showrunners, and reality hosts and producers will roll out throughout June in print and online.

“[The] best ways to flirt with a guy over Snapchat is to send flirty pics that aren't too racy,” says matchmaker and dating coach Suzanne K. “If you send photos that are too sexy or racy, then you're going to be sending him the wrong message.” Never, ever forget that while snaps aren’t supposed to be permanent, they be.

P.’s “Dark Horse.” Or put on adorable, bright pink lipstick and make the best fish face he’s ever going to see (FYI, those make your cheek bones really stand out). “Be YOU—your open, loving, flirty, weird self,” says NYC-based love coach Lindsay Chrisler.

Showing him your funny side isn’t the only way to flirt! “[Send] a photo of you after you just did something that totally lights you up: a yoga class, honest conversation with a friend or just thinking about your crush,” Chrisler says.

If you’re not quite sure how to make your snaps sizzle, you’re in luck!

We talked to the experts, and we’re laying out the dos and dont’s for creating flirty snaps to capture the dude of your dreams. DO Show Him Your Authentic Self in the picture, so that he can feel the emotion when he sees you.” So take a goofy snap: get your girls together and strike silly poses, or take a video clip of your glorious karaoke rendition of K.

Snap a pic of you in all of your glistening glory post-Pilates workout.

It’ll show how hard you work to keep your body fit, and he’ll dig that.

If you’re a huge coffee drinker, take a quick vid of your favorite downtown coffeehouse.

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