Chat with sexy girls without registering

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Chat with sexy girls without registering

He’s putting them away in that dresser.” “So, I’m supposed to get all hot and bothered by watching your new neighbor walk around in his skivvies while he unpacks his stuff? ” Mike chuckled as he handed his binoculars to Jeremy. He’s really toned, and slender, and not an ounce of body fat on him.” Jeremy exclaimed in a loud whisper. It looked like he’s pretty well endowed in the crotch area, based on the sizable lump in the front, so I decided to take a closer look. He stood still facing away from her, covered his crotch with his hands, and it looked like he yelled at her as she walked out of the room and closed the door. The guy pulled out a pair of sweatpants and put them on, took the boxes off the bed and stacked them on the floor, then grabbed the clothes off the bed and tossed them on top of the boxes. My mom must have thought I’d be going to Las Lomas,” Greg said. She’s the one who told me which high school I’d be attending.” “Hey, Greg! “Las Lomas has a better water polo team than Northgate.He walked to the bedroom door, closed it, and turned off the ceiling light in the room. At least this past season they were better.” “Maybe there’s a way that I can squeeze into Las Lomas instead of Northgate,” Greg mused. “The school taxes on your house pay for you going to Northgate.Now I really want to meet my new next door neighbor tomorrow morning! He was pulling computers and displays and printers out of the back of an SUV. ” Mike said as they walked up the neighbor’s driveway. I assisted during registration this year and we had to make sure everyone had the proof of residence they needed so their kids could be registered.” “Hey, Jeremy, how about I move in with you? “Glad to do it, but you’d have to change your last name to Sievers because that’s what’s on the proof of residence for our address.” “Nah, no problem. That way, since you might be tired of walking, we can drive everyone home.” Everyone agreed that was definitely the best plan.Mike whispered directly into his boyfriend’s ear as he shook his shoulder. “Come look out the window at the house next door.” Mike grabbed Jeremy’s arm, pulled him out of bed, and led him to the window. He looked across at a window in a brightly lit room; like Mike’s room, it was a bedroom. That’s about how old he looks to me, anyway.” “Damn, Mike, he has a nice endowment. We’ll have to make sure we don’t steal glances of his crotch….” Jeremy broke off what he was about to say and gasped. Both had sapphire-blue eyes which intrigued both Mike and Jeremy. “I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding a straight guy who you’ll like and who won’t try to get naked with you on the first date. You’re a beautiful girl, and your blue eyes are amazing. I was looking forward to seeing you at school every day.” “I spend a lot of time at Mike’s house.It took Jeremy a few seconds to wake up and figure out where he was and what was happening. There was a guy, a teen who looked about the same age as Mike and Jeremy. There’s no light in my bedroom so it would look dark like those other windows in his house. Not as nice as yours, of course.” “Or as yours, Jeremy.” “Ya know, it’s going to be real embarrassing when we talk to him tomorrow. The guy had put on wireless headphones and started to dance, facing the window. I could walk it in about twenty minutes, or ten minutes by bike, it’s not bad. Nikki put her fists on her hips and glared at Greg. Guys’ll be lined up wanting to chat you up.” Nikki grinned. We usually work on our homework together unless he has a cross country meet. I assume you two are juniors, same as me and Mike, so you’ll have a lot of the same classes that we’re taking. ” Jeremy asked, not loudly but not in a whisper, either. Mike’s bedroom window was directly opposite a window in the next house. He looks older than fifteen, so maybe sixteen or seventeen. Greg had a sprinkling of light freckles across his cheeks and nose; Nikki didn’t have any freckles. “You need to stop flirting with Mike and Jeremy and get my computer inside and set up. She plugged one into the i Mac and the other into the printer, then connected the USB cable from the printer to the i Mac. “If they don’t catch on fire, everything should be good to go.” Nikki laughed and powered on the i Mac. Though sometimes I think that’s the only thing on guys’ minds.” Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Okay, which one of you was born just before midnight? He claims he’s a day older than me, but actually it’s only a three-minute difference.” Jeremy laughed. At least you don’t have to have your birthday parties together.” “You’re right. Even though I live only a short distance from here, because of where I live I go to Las Lomas High.” “That’s too bad. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes, then stared across the thirty feet or so separating the two houses. I live about a mile north of here,” he said, pointing more or less to the north. Greg was about the same height as Mike at almost 5’11”; Nikki was about six inches shorter at 5’5”; Greg had dark auburn hair; Nikki’s was blonde. “Hey, guys, can you help me get the computers set up? “Those are mine.” Jeremy laid the i Mac on its side and put the keyboard on top. Once everything’s connected to the AC outlet I can connect the printer to the i Mac.” Mike plugged in the surge suppressor and both power cords which he then pushed up behind the desk to the top where Nikki grabbed them. It’s not like we want to get naked with the first gay guy we meet.” “Don’t forget that there are a lot of girls looking for the good looking straight guys. And most girls don’t want to get naked with the first guy they date, either. Our birthdays aren’t even the same.” Jeremy thought for a couple seconds, then grinned. And the way you talked about when you were born.” “Greg has his friends for his party. ” “I diet for a month before and month after.” Nikki giggled. “I think after a little in-depth consideration and an application of differential calculus, I’ll be able to figure that one out. Think what it would be like if Greg had been born on the thirty-first of August and you’d been born on September first.” “Oh, god, that’d be so totally messed up! Because of where you live you’ll go to Northgate High.You can see the clothes next to the boxes on the bed.” “Who’s that guy? “They’re the new family that moved in yesterday.” “What’s he pulling out of those boxes? You’re my boyfriend and you’re cute and hot and sexy and I love you. I wanted to get a full dossier before we go over there tomorrow and say hi to him.” Jeremy was watching through the binoculars while they discussed Mike’s perving of the guy when he let out a gasp. Mike watched as he removed the T and boxer briefs and grinned as he got a good view. Mike had the binoculars, apparently focused close-up on the guy’s nether regions. A girl, about the same age as the guy, walked into the room. “Well, I’m glad I’m not going to be the only gay kid in my new high school,” Greg said. I don’t know the water polo coach at Northgate, but it’s definitely someone else.” “Lemme think,” Mike said. She likes to do these meet-and-greet things to get to know people in the neighborhood.” Jeremy wasn’t sure what to tell Greg, so he told him the truth — or at least part of it. I’ll let my mom know.” “Sounds good to me, too,” Mike said. “So Greg, what’s this about you thinking you’d be going to Las Lomas High? Mike tells me we live in the Mount Diablo School District.

He was pulling clothes out of two boxes, the kind movers used. He can’t hear us because my window is closed.” “I think he’s our age. Jeremy kept looking at him through the binoculars until Mike grabbed them to get a close-up look himself. ” “I saw you watching me, so I decided to give you a show.” “That you did, and thank you for it,” Jeremy said. It looked like she was yelling at you.” “That was Nikki, my twin sister. It’d be closer if there was a bridge over the creek. Water polo is my sport.” “I thought all of the guys who go out for water polo in the fall also go out for swimming in the spring,” Jeremy said. “But my mom and dad said I could go out for one sport. What classes you take are mostly standardized in California, except for electives.” “Do you and Mike get together a lot? It’s about ten minutes from my house to here by bike.What made it interesting is that he wore only two items — a black T-shirt and maroon boxer briefs. Right there in that bedroom, right across from mine,” Mike said, handing back the binoculars. The guy’s dangly bits whipped around as he made his moves. She came in to complain about the noise I was making dancing. Sometimes I swim without anything on.” “Your floor shouldn’t shake,” Mike said. “Maybe you were looking at something a little south of my face and didn’t notice my mouth. Whatever, we both live in Walnut Creek, just in different school districts.” “So, Mike, since you go to Northgate High, and because I live next door to you, that means Nikki and I will be going to Northgate High, too? I was wondering, when we were enjoying the little show last night I noticed that you have a swimmer’s build. I totally love water polo but not so much swimming. Sometimes I stay overnight at his house, like last night, and sometimes he stays at my house.” “Your folks are okay with you two being boyfriends? Mike’s folks and his brothers are cool with us being together. She hasn’t said anything negative about it, though.” Jeremy realized that was stretching the truth about his mom almost to the breaking point. That’s probably the one big advantage that guys being gay have, neither of us is going to get pregnant.” “And that works for two gay girls as well as for two gay guys,” Nikki added. “Well, now that my computer is all set up I’d better get to all of the emails and IMs and Tumblers and Instagrams and Facebook updates and etceteras that have piled up since we left Arlington.” “Okay, cool. Thanks.” Greg went inside and returned with a Coke.A lamp on a table next to the bed was still on, letting Mike and Jeremy see the guy get into bed, set an alarm clock, and turn off the lamp. “Ya know, he was smiling instead of looking like how I’d have looked if someone had caught me doing a little naked happy-dance. If you went to Las Lomas that school district wouldn’t get any money to pay for you going there.” “Yeah, that’s the way it works,” Jeremy said. “How are you planning to get downtown, since walking has been vetoed? “We’ll walk to the Pleasant Hill BART station — that’ll take us maybe ten, fifteen minutes — then ride BART one stop to the Walnut Creek station, and take the free bus into downtown Walnut Creek.In fact, it looked like maybe he was laughing as he got into bed. I think he put on that little dance for our benefit. Saturday morning after breakfast Mike and Jeremy went outside and met Mike’s new neighbor. “I know when you register at Las Lomas High your folks have to bring something proving that you live in the Acalanes Union High School District, like a water bill or electric bill or a copy of your mortgage or the deed on your house. When we come back we’ll reverse the trip.” “How about you four do this BART thing to get to town,” Mr. “Your mother and I will drive downtown and look at things we want to see, then we’ll call you later and meet you in Walnut Creek and have dinner.“I got up and went to the bathroom to pee, and when I came back it was real dark in the room except for the light from the window over there. He took off his shoes and socks, then took off the jeans, then the shirt. “He’s facing the window, like he knows we’re here perving on him! “Fuck, he has to know we’re watching him,” Mike said. She said I was making the floor shake.” “When she saw you were doing it in the nude she seemed to freak,” Jeremy said. “Your house isn’t that old; it was built along with the others on this street. If you had, you would have seen that I was singing.” “True that,” Mike responded. I don’t go to Northgate High; that’s Mike’s high school. So this spring I’ll just have regular PE and use the weight training room. “This is probably too personal, but can I assume you two are messing around? I’ll see you later, Nikki.” “Later, Jeremy.” When he got downstairs Jeremy found Greg and Mike sitting on the front porch. Nikki’s i Mac is up and running and connected to the internet.” “So’s mine,” Greg said. “This is the only thing we have to eat or drink in the house,” he complained. Just the sodas which we put in the refrigerator as soon as we got here. And they’re thirteen.” “Thirteen and a half,” Jeremy interjected. “The more the merrier, which is what my mom likes to say.

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I saw this guy get partially undressed, then he started unpacking those moving boxes.” “What was he wearing when you first saw him? He tossed them on the bed, except for the shoes which I guess he dropped on the floor. ” “There aren’t any other guys our age in my neighborhood, or in your neighborhood. After a few minutes of watching the show the breathing of both boys had become a little heavy. “I saw you watching me last night from your bedroom window.” “How did you see that we were watching you? “There weren’t any lights on in my bedroom.” “The light from my bedroom window was enough to light your bedroom window and the two of you. Including mine, and our floors don’t shake.” “Maybe she heard me singing while I was dancing,” Greg suggested. “I confess that we were watching something other than your mouth. And we saw that there was a lot of shaking going on down there, too.” Jeremy burst out laughing, then so did Mike and Greg. I already talked to the Coach Mann about being on the team.” “Greg, Coach Mann is the coach at Las Lomas. “We don’t even have a bag of potato chips.” “Are your folks home now? By the way, my mom said she’ll invite you two and your folks to dinner. If she’s back and able to come when Mike and I and his brothers and his folks are invited, that’d be great.” “Sounds good. I wonder how often there are families with twins and triplets living next door to each other.” “Probably not very often,” Mike replied. When my folks bought the house my mom was told the high school would be Las Lomas.