Cena and mickie james dating regina spektor is dating

Posted by / 21-Feb-2015 22:36

It should be noted, however, that this is entirely the story that Ken Doane has reported.

As seen on Smack Down last Tuesday, the group reunited on the show, which was the first appearance on WWE television of the group in nearly 10 years.

While Kenny and Mike appeared to confront their former partner Dolph Ziggler (Nicky), Mitch (Nick Mitchell) and Johnny (Johnny Jeter) didn't appear.

At the time of the alleged affair, John Cena was still married to his high school sweetheart.

Many fans did not believe that Cena could have possibly cheated on her, and they were under the impression that Doane was making up the entire story.

In 2012, Cena would go on to file for divorce and his now ex-wife said that he had been cheating on her throughout the years.

Cena went on to begin dating Nikki Bella only months after the divorce was finalized.

Their relationship was ended abruptly after Doane said that he found out James was cheating on him with John Cena, according to .

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Back in 2012, Doane went public with the John Cena cheating scandal.