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Our current understanding of each spider's distribution is drawn from numerous scientific publications and online spider submissions, in order to be as accurate as possible.It is important to remember that spiders do not adhere to the territorial lines decided on by humans, therefore these ranges are subject to change.Mature specimens may be found at almost any time of year because adult females live an additional few years after maturity.

The range of This spider is typically found in arid habitats such as deserts, prairies, glades, and open fields and pastures.Prey is large insects, or even tiny rodents, that the spider can overpower. The females live over to the next year, and sometimes even another year after that, laying their eggs in the spring.Egg sac is a pale sphere carried from the spinnerets of the adult female. The spiderlings will emerge from the egg sac in summer and ride on top of their mother until their next molt, after which they disperse. Filtering options are grayed out when we do not have pictures for the given perspective.If you are a spider photographer, you can submit pictures of spiders to help fill any voids in our ever expanding library.Carolina Wolf Spider, Wolf Spider Author of species name: Charles Athanase Walckenaer. HAWG-nuh kair-oh-ly-NEN-sis The author of Hogna (Eugène Simon) gave no description of its meaning, but speculation leads to a few possibilities: could be after the place Hogne in Belgium, or maybe it was derived from the mythological Teutonic name “Hogni,” father of one of the Valkyries (Cameron 2005); carolinensis translates to “of Carolina.” Total of eight eyes in three rows (only two of which are visible from the front). They appear soft and furry to the naked eye and are usually gray with the “knee” joints black underneath. This ventral pattern varies little and is fairly diagnostic for the species.

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Legs are long and relatively thick; longer in male in proportion to the body. Usually a dark gray or black elongate mark on the midline of the top of the abdomen is present (known as a “cardiac mark”). Underside of body is jet black with “knee” joints black beneath as well.

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