Carbon dating disproves evolution Freeprereen sex chat

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Carbon dating disproves evolution

Molecular analysis of Neanderthal DNA from the northern Caucasus IGOR V. The specimen is from one of the eastern-most Neanderthal populations, recovered from Mezmaiskaya Cave in the northern Caucasus.

COLD KILLED OFF NEANDERTHALS AND NEARLY MODHUMANS TOO Z75\clip04\New Big chill killed off the Neanderthals 21 January 04 They say Neanderthals simply did not have the technological know-how to survive the increasingly harsh winters.

And intriguingly, rather than being Neanderthal killers, the original human settlers of Europe almost suffered the same fate.

z45\clip00\BBC DNA clues to Neanderthal Oct 11, 2000.

Samples show they showed little variation, were as different from Europeans as other modern races, no evidence of interbreeding z47\clip01\ disputes theory of human migration January 12, 2001 In this story: Neanderthal influence A controversial conclusion AP) -- Anthropologists analyzing ancient skulls from around the world say modern humans did not arise from a single migration from Africa, but from small groups that journeyed to every continent and intermingled with archaic humans such as the Neanderthal.

Their fossilized remains, and the people who discovered them, tell extraordinary stories about our past. Full text: back in time to see why we are the way we are.

RED HAIR GENE MAY DATE FROM NEANDERTHALS 17/04/2001 - (SA) 'Redheads are Neanderthals' London - Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals, according to a new study by British scientists.

z48\clip01\ Modern Humans Interbred, New Study Says A University of Tennessee anthropologist has found new evidence that Neanderthals and emerging modern humans were not distinct species, but evolved together and probably interbred.

Skulls dated 25,000 to 30,000 years from Europe and from Australia share strong characteristics of 40,000 to 200,000-year-old archaic human skulls found in Europe, Indonesia, and Africa (disappeared by interbreeding).

Nature 404, 490 - 493 (2000) Macmillan Publishers Ltd. KHARITONOV, KERSTIN LIDN & WILLIAM GOODWIN Here we report the second mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) analysis of a Neanderthal, and the first such analysis on clearly dated Neanderthal remains.

Led by Tjeerd van Andel of the University of Cambridge...

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NEANDERTALS AND MODERNS TRADED CONTROL OF CAVES IN MIDEAST z55\clip\2002\03\ Humans and Neandertals Battle for Control of the Middle East?