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I couldn't be happier: a nice website, within a week, with no previous experience.If you are eligible for a refund, we will generally process your refund within 7 days, most of the time, much faster than that.You could restrict paying members to the directory, or give them extra profile fields!

Although we try our best to process refunds in a timely manner, Pay Pal or your financial institution can take up to 3 weeks to reflect the refund in your bank or Pay Pal account.

Buddy Press Member Types plugin makes it easy to create and manage member types without having to write a single line of code.

If your members can be categorized into more than one Member Type, then BP Member Types is the easy answer for your site.

If you have contacted your financial institution and are still unable to solve the problem, please open a new ticket, via our Help Desk.

Mobile App plugin - Word App | Convert your blog or Word Press site in to a Mobile App for i Phone & Android Native app & Mobile site in one.

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