Black panthers intimidating voters in pa and oh

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Black panthers intimidating voters in pa and oh

The rally was supposed to support Living In Peace and Black Lives Matter – but now Pastor Mo says lives are being threatened – and it’s personal. It honestly seems like the guy organized the rally to promote peace in his community, both between blacks and police and between blacks in general.Pastor Mo says his church on Puritan Street was empty on Sunday and it appears some are very upset with him for how that suspect was manhandled Saturday and others are just afraid for their safety after the death threats.“When a man is told that they’re going to kill you, they are going to catch you at church, they are going to catch you at a rally and find you and shoot you and your family,” said Rev. It wasn’t an anti-cop rally, but a pro-peace rally.Once submitted, voters are directed to a donation page.So much has happened in the last week revolving around the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.A couple days ago I wrote about one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read: a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in Detroit was interrupted by a black thief who snatched the Cartier sunglasses off of one of the BLM members face and ran off.BLM members chased the thief, who subsequently brandished a handgun and started shooting at the 75+ members of BLM as he ran, in an attempt to scare them off.

The BLM rally-goers were not deterred by the thief shooting at them, and proceeded to chase him down and held the thief until the police arrived and were able to arrest him.

In my original article on the incident, I pointed to the high levels of irony involved in the incidented — here, we have a group of anti-police thugs calling on the police to help arrest a black man after violently holding him against his will.

Apparently, the irony was not lost on the black community in Detroit either, who have now turned against the pastor who had organized the rally — which was not meant to be a protest, but a “peace rally” — and are now threatening to kill both him and his family.

The reason for the death threats is because the thief was apparently roughed up by the BLM members who had just been shot at — the blacks in Detroit have officially jumped the shark at this point and are now eating their own: Pastor Maurice Hardwick was leading the rally on Livernois and on Facebook Live when the shooting started. “We are not going to stand for this and we are here today to say enough is enough.” rally — they weren’t out blocking highways and looking to agitate.

And just because they caught some thug who literally tried to kill him, this pastor is being chased out of town and the lives of his family are being threatened. All they want is for black criminals to roam free so they can kill other blacks.

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This is just more evidence that Black Lives Matter is nothing but an anti-police terrorist group.