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Beverly dating hills jewish

While maintaining they're just friends, they have an undeniable chemistry, which neither seem willing to act upon for a year.Andrea begins to lessen her at times intense black-and-white behaviour towards others and starts opening up to the possibility of making friends at her school.

Her close friendship with Brandon Walsh, although their relationship is never truly platonic, changes her course somewhat – for the better – as Andrea starts engaging in the high school social life and makes friends for life.

Andrea spends her time at West Beverly working toward academic stardom and has little time for anything – or one – else.

This starts with Brenda, when she wishes to do something fulfilling and Brandon sets her up with Andrea, the latter of whom works at a teen helpline.

This brings Andrea closer to Brenda, although the two are very different, they find a way to work together to save a girl.

Though socially awkward and frequently nerve-wracked that she won't be included, Andrea continues to take chances in her social life, ending up studying with Steve Sanders – and unexpectedly getting kissed When Jim announces the Walshes will be returning to Minnesota, Andrea tells Brandon they should sleep together, creating a lasting memento of their bond as he leaves.

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Their plans at the The Peach Pit are thwarted by Kelly (who knew about their plans) throwing the Walsh family a farewell party Andrea becomes closer with Brenda and Donna during a summer drama class the three take.