Bestdatingadvice info

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Bestdatingadvice info

The girls say you should date a guy “that will be nice to you.” The girls disagree on a couple of things.One thinks you should say "I love you" after one date while another says you should wait 190 dates.The girls can be a little silly at times, because hey, they’re five.When asked what to do if you and your best friend like the same guy, one of them says, “pull off his arms.” But they also offer some straight up good advice.Throughout the years they’ve helped me avoid some fights in my current relationship and actually helped coach me through our early dates. So maybe they don’t know what they’re talking about.

These girls aren’t going to put up with the same type of bullshit that I would.

The third girl thinks 190 is too many because “she would already have a baby in her belly probably.” But they agree that the guy you date should be very caring…and cute.

Bonus info: You can watch the girls help women get ready for a first date by clicking here.

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I get most of my relationship advice from my happily married friends.

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I figure, I want what they have so who better to go to when I’m unsure about something in my relationship.

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