Average age difference between dating couples

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But unfortunately, we live in the day and age where divorce is becoming such a common way for couples to resolve differences that seem too difficult to bridge.For that reason we have to be all the more cautious when we advise couples who are entering into marriage.Many Thanks, A Concerned Reader Dear Concerned: You make several excellent points in your letter about the barrier that age differences cause.

Our marriages are supposed to fulfill the purposes God has for us together and I believe that God chooses us as human beings put together to fulfill His purposes.It’s sad that couples that have the same desire to serve the Lord, are God-fearing, compatible, and have many other healthy ingredients to have a successful marriage, stay apart because of what society thinks of them differing in ages —more so if the man is younger that the woman.I really look forward to hearing about this from you.There are many people that could benefit from reading about this aspect of marriage especially when choosing a partner.The following article was prompted by an email we received here at Marriage Missions.

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